What better way to share your favorite Kona coffee than to give it as a gift in a lovely Hawaiian gift basket!

We start with a hand-crafted basket made by the lovely wahine at Hapa Girls, add our fine 100% Kona coffee and any other options that you have chosen. The result is a wonderfully tasty gift for your family, friends, or business associates.

Order an extra for yourself so you won’t be tempted to shortchange anyone! Prices start at $50 and include Brazen Hazen 100% Kona Coffee! Combine the Gift Basket with a Custom Label and you have a gift that will make a great impression.

OUR LATEST GIFT IDEA!!! Three gifts in one - a Hawaiian gift bag with two bags of Brazen Hazen 100% Kona Coffee. One bag of coffee is Medium Roast, and the other is Dark Roast. The gift bag is designed and made in Hawaii by well-known artist Barb Sasaki.

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