Q: Where is Kona?
A: On the west side of the Big Island, Hawaii, USA. Hawaii is the only state that produces coffee.
Q: What makes 100% Kona coffee so special?
A:  Where to begin? For starters, the climate is ideal for growing coffee. Morning sun followed by afternoon clouds and rain, volcanic soil, and elevation all combine to produce perfect conditions for happy coffee trees. By law, only coffee grown in the 1 mile wide by 30 mile long Kona Coffee district can call itself Kona Coffee. We’re few but proud!
Q: Why is 100% Kona Coffee more expensive than the grocery store stuff?
A: Our beans are top quality Arabica Typica which comprise only about 5% of the world’s coffee crop. Further, Kona coffee comprises only 1% of the coffee grown in the entire world and is widely regarded as some of the smoothest tasting coffee worldwide. Also, be sure that you are buying 100% Kona coffee and not a blend. Otherwise, the delicious Kona flavor will be overshadowed by the inferior “filler” beans.
Q: When is picking season?
A: Picking usually begins mid-August and goes through mid-January.
Q: How is the coffee processed?
A: After picking, the coffee looks like a cherry. The skin must be immediately removed, then the coffee sits in a bath overnight to ferment and to remove the remnants of silky muscilege from the bean. In the morning, it’s put on the sundeck to dry. From there it goes to the mill to have the outer skin (parchment, like on a peanut) removed. At the mill it is also sorted by size and any defective beans are removed. From there the “green” coffee is stored until roasted fresh to order.
Q:  Sounds sublime. Where do I order?
A: Glad you asked. Shop 100% Kona Coffee Online
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